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ML Concept

Includes theories on deep learning.

Machine Learning Python

Deep Learning and Neural Network with kero
1. PART 1: preparing data
2. PART 2: train model and plot its progress
3. MNIST Neural Network test 1

Machine Learning with keras
1. Neural Network with keras: Remainder Problem
2. Convolutional Neural Network with keras: MNIST

Neural Network in kero 6.0

DNN Regressor in tensorflow (pre-processed using kero)
1.   Part 1. Synthetic Regression
2.   Part 2.1. Synthetic Regression. Train and save the model.
3.   Part 2.2. Synthetic Regression. Load model and predict.

Loan Problem

Includes the use of Tensorflow deep neural network and the showcase of python package kero for pre-processing.

Machine Learning MATLAB

DNN Regression using MATLAB with a strange Gradient Descent

Includes neural network with strange gradient descent.

Image Processing

Object Detection using Tensorflow

Includes the use of Tensorflow object detection API, setup, training and pre-processing.