About Me

(18 Aug 2018)

Hello, I am Erico. What you will find in this site are my adventures and explorations of computing and programming works (at least that was the initial intention) and a few other things. Here goes the list and I hope to continually update them!

1. python in general

2. data sciences, tensorflow

3. some writings or opinions

This is me during convocation

taking award

In the photo below, we were in the University Awards Dinner. I was with Xiao Jia (who is doing PhD in MIT, left-most), Melissa (who is doing PhD in Stanford, second from the left) and Kristo (working at ExxonMobil, right-most). They are my fellow NTU CN Yang Scholars. I am the second from the right.

award winner

(20 June 2018)

Do look me up on facebook! Feel free to message or add friend (but if you’re some alien I probably won’t accept your friend request, so chat me up!)

I graduated form Changkat Changi Secondary School, then Meridian Junior College in 2011, went to the army for 2 years, started my degree in physics with a second major in Mathematics in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Speak English to me, you can try Chinese and I will reply with (they say) rather funny accent, and btw I used to be Indonesian so, speak Bahasa to me too, and btw btw 日本語は大好き、上手ではないだけど。At the time this is written I’m about to graduate, with Honours with Higher Distinction (YESSS), an intern technically moonlighting in A*STAR *laughs*,  was gonna try to get a job in A*STAR, still young (ok, relative, relative) and ambitious.

Ambitious eh. I do ask myself that as well. I am currently having quite a strange aspiration, and, what I will call a rather high aim; it is challenging, but that is why it’s fun. Haha, that’s a different story, but well, hope you enjoy it!

Meanwhile, here is my siblings and my whatsapp group chat cat mascot! She’s Nachos, the cat that roamed Crescent Hall in NTU. Cheers!

NTU nachos