Cubic B-Splines Interpolation

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The assignment for CE7453 numerical algorithm course was: Given a set of points in 2D, create a program that outputs the control points of a cubic B-spline curve that interpolates these 2D points. Here are some examples for viewing purposes! (I will only release the source code once the course is completed).

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My notes for this numerical algorithm course can be found here.

First-half of the Semester

It has been half a semester! As a PhD student under Alibaba-NTU Talent Program, for now, my research direction is gravitating towards medical imaging. These 8 weeks have been hectic with course works and admin from both NTU and Alibaba side though. I shall update with content very soon.

The course works I am taking now:

CE7453. Numerical Algorithm. Cubic B-Splines Interpolation.
EE7403. Image Processing.
HP7001. Advanced Research Design and Data Analysis.
K6312. Information Mining and Analysis.

See the notes for the courses above here (except K6312).

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