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In this site, I put up some codes for neural network and machine learning practices, notes and random things I went through! However, I plan to migrate to another site some time in the future.

Update: 2021 May 03. This site will no longer be updated. However, I will leave everything around, notably the bees and butterflies tensorflow-based object detection. If you still find the things here useful, you can support me at the following.

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Erico Tjoa (visit my Github)

- Recent Highlights  and others-
Review on Interpretable AI, towards Medical Imaging
Prelude to Medical Imaging, some codes for preprocessing 
Bottom up implementation of neural network in kero python package: first tutorials
Parameter Estimation for Differential Equations using Gradient Descent
Testing neural network with keras. See tutorial 1, tutorial 2.

- Links to machine learning courses, references etc -
Machine Learning by Andrew Ng at Coursera and my summary on it
Nielsen's online textbook
tensorflow object detection API
Stanford lecture series e.g. CS231n on CNN.

Object detection using Tensorflow API: Butterflies and Bees


Cognitive Science, introductory and exploratory materials; [E Bruce Goldstein] Cognitive Psychology, Extended Summary. Image from here.

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Presenting to you: 
+ kero, a python package 
+ Machine learning tutorials 
+ other natural science notes